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Why is my dishwasher making loud noises?
A noisy dishwasher can be caused by a defective pump, wash arm seal, or bearing ring. It can also be caused by the spray arms not being able to free turn. Ensure the spray arms are not hitting the rack or dishes.

Why is my dishwasher leaking?
A leak in your dishwasher can be caused by a defective pump or pump seal. It could also be caused by a faulty door gasket or a worn-out seal. There could also be an issue with a faulty detergent dispenser or spray arm. Be sure to check the supply connection to the water inlet of the valve for sources of a leak.

Why won’t my dishwasher start?
First check with your door latch. The latch holds the door closed during the cycle to prevent any water from coming out of the dishwasher. If your door latches properly, the next thing to consider is your timer or electronic control. It could also be the selector switch which may be used in the fill circuit or motor. A few other options to consider are your motor start relay which is on the pump motor, the thermal fuse, or the dishwashers drive motor.

I can’t close my dishwasher, what can I do?
This is easy to diagnose but still requires some skills to replace. There is an issue with the door latch that may be defective.

The issues described above can be complicated if you aren’t adequately trained. Even if you are a handyman, not knowing what to repair could cause further complications. Our workers are trained appliance journeyman technicians who can repair or install your Bosch, Samsung or Miele dishwasher. With over 20 years of experience trust the professionals at WH to help your dishwasher get back to brand new condition. Call us to see why our customers vote us as the best appliance repair company in Edmonton.