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Why is my dryer making loud noises? 
If your gas or electric dryer is making noise this could be the result of a worn-out drum glide or slides. The drum glides enable a smooth surface for the drum to spin on, however, over time they can wear out causing the metal to metal contact and a scraping sound. Other issues that can cause a noisy dryer includes worn out bearings, support rollers, and shaft, dryer belt, idler pulley, felt drum seal, blower wheel and housing, baffle, or the motor.

My dryer won’t start or turn on, what can I do?
If your gas or electric dryer will not start the first thing to check is your door switch. The door switch allows the dryer to start only when the door is properly secured. If your dryer switch is working fine other issues that can cause your dryer not to start is a thermal fuse, rotary or push-start switch, drive motor, control board, timer, or terminal block.

Why does my dryer produce little to no heat? 
If you find your clothes are not getting warm in your electric dryer check the heating element. Heat is generated by the heating element which is enclosed in a metal chamber. One way to check if your heating element has gone bad or not is to check for continuity using a multi-meter. If your heating element is working, other parts that could be defective is your high limit thermostat, cycling thermostat, igniter, radiant flame sensor, gas control valve, coils, temperature sensor, timer or your thermal fuse.

Any of the above repairs can easily be tackled by our trained dryer repairman. Whether your dryer is a Maytag, Kenmore or Whirlpool, let the professionals at Dial An Applianceman handle all your dryer repair, installation, and maintenance service needs.

A dryer should only be repaired by a trained repairman. An improperly installed heating element or venting system can cause a build-up of lint and could possibly cause your dryer to overheat or catch fire. With over 40 years of experience, we can tackle any job with your dryer. Our trained technicians won’t leave your house until the repair is done properly.