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Why does my freezer have frost buildup?
The first thing to check if you have a frost buildup in your freezer is for a broken door lid or gasket. This can cause warm, moist air inside the freezer which results in frost. If the frost is specific to only a specific area, then you may have a gasket leak. Another reason for frost build-up in your freezer is a faulty defrost timer, or defrost thermostat.

Why is my freezer noisy?

The noise from the freezer can come from the evaporator fan motor. Over time, the fan can wear causing a buzzing, clicking or humming noise. If the sound is very loud check to see if the evaporator fan blade is damaged. The blade is attached to the motor shaft by a clip. Before you replace the blade be sure to disconnect the appliance from the power outlet.

Why won’t my freezer freeze my food?
If this is the case check the start relay or controller. You can check to see if it is faulty or not using a multi-meter to check the continuity. If your controller is working fine other parts to check are the electronic control board, temperature control, thermostat, start capacitor, or the defrost timer.

When you call WH to fix your freezer, a highly skilled technician will come to your house and deliver the highest quality service in a timely manner at an affordable price. Each technician is licensed and insured and has gone through extensive training, so rest assured your freezer will be fixed and working in no time.