At WH Appliance Services, we  provide home repair and installation services for all brands and models of electric and gas stoves, ovens, ranges and cooktops.



Why won’t my oven or stove start?
If you are experiencing issues with your appliance from turning on the first thing to check is your fuse. If your fuse is blown, we will need to investigate what component has caused the short. Other issues of starting can be the broil element, bake element, surface burner element, temperature sensor, infinite switch, electronic control board, safety valve, or oven burner igniter.

Why is my oven not heating up?
If you are experiencing no heat in the oven the first thing to check is your element. This element is located at the bottom of the oven and called the heating element. You could also have an issue with your oven control thermostat, temperature sensor, electronic control board or a fuse.

Why isn’t my cooktop element heating up?
If your stove element is not working check the surface burner element. Depending on the model of your stove, your element is either a coil type, solid type, or a ribbon coil. Check for any signs of heat damage or corrosion. If your element is functional, then other issues could be with your surface burner terminal block and receptacle, surface burner switch, or infinite switch.

When diagnosing the above repairs, it is important to make sure the power is turned off. It is also important to hire a licensed stove repair service company when dealing with live circuits. If an unskilled person starts investigating the problem, they could short other parts causing a higher repair bill. Our stove repair experts don’t guess but use trained skills in determining the problem right away. With over 40 years of experience in repairing all brands of gas stoves, stovetops, ovens and cooking ranges let WH  take care of your repair efficiently and promptly.