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Why is my washer making loud noises?

If you have a noisy washer you could have an issue with your drain pump. Depending on your washer, your pump can be driven by a belt, motor-driven, or have its own electric motor. Other common issues of a noisy dishwasher include the drive belt, drive motor coupling, shock absorbers, tub dampening strap, drive motor, motor pulley, pump pulley, pump belt, tub bearing, agitator directional cogs, or clutch assembly.

What do I do when my washer is leaking?

The first thing to check if you have water around your washer is both the drain and fill hose. If both hoses are secure the next thing to check is the pump. The water pump drains the water from the washer tub. If you don’t notice any issues with your pump some other common issues could be your tub cover gasket, water inlet valve, bellows, door boot seal, water level switch, pressure switch, door catch, tub seal, or boot seal.

My washer will not start or turn on, what can I do?
When your washer won’t start the first thing to check is the lid switch and actuator. The lid switch is used to prevent the motor and water inlet valve circuit from operating. If you have a front load washer check the door lock and strike for continuity with a multi-meter. If you have a top-load washer check the start switch for continuity. The start switch is activated by pulling out on the timer knob on top-loading washers. Other common issues include faulty knobs, drive motor, or control board.

Some of the repairs above deal with electrical components and are best left for trained washer repair experts. If you have issues listed above or other problems with your washer call our highly experienced technicians who can diagnose your washer and replace the part that is needed. Our same-day washer repair appointments can work around your busy schedule. Call Dial An Applianceman to have your Kenmore, Samsung, Maytag or LG washer installed or fixed today.

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